Ion Adventure Hotel – Overall experience

Recharge, reflect and rejoice*

This was a first for me! Spending the night in a luxury design hotel, for almost the price of my monthly rent..!

But I have no regrets AT ALL, it was great staying there in this context: abroad, after a road-trip full of emotions, and pretty basic in terms of comfort and quality of sleep ! 

We booked this night a few weeks after booking our flights. We paid 350€, and when we first started looking it was 450€, so we had a good price. And it’s cheaper than during the peak season .

The hotel is located in lava fields and surrounded by mountains. This is pretty magic!

When I first saw this concrete block, I wondered if it was a good idea…! But as we drove closer and closer I saw the large windows, the pool, the entrance. And I have to say, YES it was a good idea!

The arrival: 

I don’t look so good, we’ve been hiking & bathing in hot springs the most part of the day! But we are well welcomed with a glass of champagne! Great start for this experience.

© Charlotte Golden Hour

There are shops in the lobby where they sell local products: sheep wool jumpers, cosmetic products from the lava spa, jewelry.

Someone asks us if we are going to have dinner in the restaurant tonight: as the hotel is in the middle of nowhere, we say yes. We have no idea at this time how much it is, but we’re here so… let’s make the best of it!

Then, we were shown to our room: so beautiful and well designed and the bathroom looks like heaven after 10 days taking shower in 3 min in a campsite…

The Northern Light bar

The bar is surrounded by large bay windows so we can see everything outside, the lava fields & the sun… In winter this must be incredible. But we are in May and the days last very long.

We had some drinks and a nice chat with a couple who arrived at the same time.

The bar is really nice to chill and relax, you could stay there for hours.

© Charlotte Golden Hour
© Charlotte Golden Hour

The Silfra Restaurant

The restaurant serves fresh & local products, and what they call modern Scandinavian cooking. In France we would compare what we ate to a semi gourmet restaurant.

© Charlotte Golden Hour

The staff is really nice, they talk to us about their “slow food” concept, meaning they serve food the most  fresh and local/close to the hotel possible.

The 3 course menu  is about 80€ and a meal is 40€. We chose the menu, everything is excellent.

We ate lamb and fish ! Nothing to say it was delicious. And we even took some wine! (14€ per glass)

Like I said, I do not regret anything, it was part of the experience and doing it at the end of the trip allowed me to appreciate it even more, and realize how incredible it was.

We were eating pasta and sandwiches for more than a week !

The Lava Spa

Composed of:

  • The 10m long geothermal pool, more than 40 degrees and at some times there was a hose inside with some cold water to cool it !
  • A sauna with a cold shower
© Charlotte Golden Hour

The Relaxation room 

Amazing room with a zen atmosphere. You can enjoy tea, coffee and stay there to relax and reflect, or meditate.

© Charlotte Golden Hour
© Charlotte Golden Hour


As a conclusion, I recommend this hotel ! Everything is made for comfort, relaxation and living the experience at its maximum.

© Charlotte Golden Hour

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