Iceland – post trip tips

Find below all my tips for a successful trip & roadtrip;

-Buy a roadmap. You may have 4G almost everywhere, sometimes it can get it wrong!

-Check the weather everyday (more if possible) on this website to adapt your program:

-Be respectful and environment-friendly. Remain on the path when hiking, even if going off path is tempting. Icelandic fauna and flora are up to know well preserved and there are reasons for that. But the island has attracted a lot of tourist these past years and it is important to be respectful to keep it so beautiful.

-Be careful. Meaning, nothing is strictly forbidden in Iceland, but things can become dangerous quickly. The different points of interest around the island are not always secured areas. Sometimes you only have a string and wooden posts (glaciers, ice caves are dangerous depending on the season but the access is not forbidden, hot springs can be too hot…)

-Put on some sunscreen at all times on your face (anyway you can only have your face uncovered in Iceland!). The sun is very strong, even behind clouds and always up during some seasons!

Choose wisely your car & insurances. In Iceland you have the road number 1 which is paved as well as others around towns (30% of the roads exactly), and there are the gravel roads (70%). If you drive on these kinds of roads you must have a 4 wheels and Gravel Protection insurance! Check out my article about trip preparation to see where we rented our car.

-Speaking about cars: be careful with car doors. This is the first thing the car rental agency warned us about. There are often violent winds on the island, so never let your car door open or open it without paying attention (that would be a shame to buy a new car door to the rental agency, kind of ruins the trip!)

-Bring a sleeping mask with you if you cannot sleep with the (sky) light on.

Bring your own food with you in your luggage. This is a real plus on a budget.

-Be careful with wild camping. Again, not forbidden but there are enough campgrounds around the island. Even when they are closed you can stay there, but you don’t have access to the showers obviously.

If you choose to do wild camping on some nights, clean everything when you leave this is very important.

-City pools: talking about showers above, it is good to know that every town has a city pool and you can take a shower there for free or very cheap, it depends !

-Keep your two hands on the hand-wheel : once again, the wind…..

-Next time I am going, I want a camper van, more expensive but more comfortable and you don’t have to spend the night on a guesthouse on the middle of the trip because your tent is broken and you can’t stand sleeping on the car anymore (yes, this happened!).

-On this site, you’ll find some hot springs. Not all of them obviously but it is a good start !

If you have any questions or missing information let me know!

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