Iceland Camping sites

Camping is the only cheap thing in Iceland (except for hotdogs…)! The prices vary between 8 and 15€ a night depending on the campsite, and for a 11 days road trip, if you want to save money and live the adventure, you have to do it!

A lot of people are camping on the island, some with a tent, and some with camper-vans; to me this is the best option to camp in when you consider the violent and cold Icelandic wind!

I made a little list of the campgrounds we experienced with my comments and pictures (when I took some). They are placed in strategic points all around the island in clockwise direction.

As I said in my article about our itinerary, we gave up  2 camping nights to 2 nights in a guesthouse during our trip. Also, we spend the first night in Reykjavik and the last one at the Ion Adventure hotel.

  • Snorrastadir farm holiday campsite (South west) 

Small campsite at the end of a gravel road. No kitchen, but the shower & toilets place is spacious and convenient, and showers are free.

Plus, the spot is really beautiful, in a green land close to the mountain. There are also little cottages you can rent to spend the night.

Adsress: snorrastöðUm, Borgarnes, Iceland

Update: while looking up the address on google, I saw some pictures from August 2017 when it seems to have a kitchen & living room… Given the fact I was there in May (off-season) maybe it is different during summer or high season.

© Charlotte Golden Hour
© Charlotte Golden Hour
  • Tjaldsvæðið Akureyri campsite (North)

Located on the heights of the city, it is very big and not so beautiful. I would advice to go put your tent or campervan near the showers on the field on the left, the view is nice you can see the sea.

There is no kitchen but showers are free (and separated women/men).

Address: Þórunnarstræti, 600 Akureyri, Iceland

our spot near the showers © Charlotte Golden Hour
  • Myvatn campsite (North East)

It is located near Grjótagjá cave, the famous one you can see in Game of Thrones.

There is a common room and showers are free. You can settle on different areas on the hills, it’s very nice and there is also a sea view!

Addresse Rte 1, Reykjahlíð, Iceland

© Charlotte Golden Hour
  • Framtíð hotel campsite 

We don’t know its real name. It is in Djúpivogur, near the Framtíð hotel. Anyway this is where you have to pay, the hotel does the checkin for the campsite.

First disappointment of the trip in terms of campsite. There is a nice common area and a kitchen, but showers are in a tiny room for both men and women, and they charge you 700ISK for 7 minutes.

We are closer to the south, touristic area I think this is the main reason… Also, there is wifi but you have to pay extra to have it…

Address: Vogalandi 4, Markarland, 765 Djúpivogur, Iceland


  • Hamragarðar campsite

Located between gljufrabuiseljalandsfoss waterfalls.

This one also is full of people, way more than the first 3 campsites we stayed in at the beginning of our trip. Shower fees are 300 ISK for 3min and a little bit dirty…

The common room is very nice though and the kitchen too. And funny fact the campsite has 2 cats.

There are also washing machines that you can use (not for free).

Very well located especially if you want like us to take the ferry for Vestmann Islands the following day.

Address: Gljúfrabúi base, road 249

© Charlotte Golden Hour
© Charlotte Golden Hour



  • Reykjamörk Hveragerði Campsite (Sud) 

Our last campsite before the hotel night, very good one! Free showers and outdoor kitchen.

We arrived late around midnight, there was nobody to pay for the night,  but we came back on the morning. A lot of things are based on trust in Iceland, it’s refreshing!

Address: Reykjamörk, Hveragerði, Iceland

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